Happy Mother's Day!

Mamas come in all shapes, sizes and colors. So do the beings they support, nurture, and raise. Mothers are the soul of our society, and even of planet Earth. You do not need to birth a human to be a mama – it could be someone else’s child you are nurturing, a child in heaven you are loving, gardens you are tending or fur babies you so lovingly care for.

In celebration of Superhero Mamas’ inaugural Mother’s Day, 2021, founder and Chief Gift Giver, Lisa Virtue, wanted to recognize some of the unsung heroes in our community by gifting back. So, she chose to donate over $7500 in gifts to recognize foster mamas in Oregon. We believe these women could use a little fuel to keep going and wanted them to feel special for the incredible work they are doing to help families in our communities.

donation to foster moms and DHS Oregon

Please join us in raising a glass this Mother’s Day to cheers all the selfless mamas who make this world a better place. Thank you for sharing your superpowers with the rest of us. You are an inspiration.

you inspire me

Reminder: even superheroes need support and encouragement, and they are often the last one to ask for help. Please make every day Mother’s Day and check in on the mama(s) in your life regularly.


superhero mama

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