Homeschool Hacks for the Busy Mama

5 homeschooling hacks for the busy mama 2021

It’s no surprise us mamas have been taking the brunt of COVID; between juggling full-time work, mom duties, home chores & wifey responsibilities...we’re really burning the candle from both ends. But, we’re here to help! 

Here are 5 hacks we’ve learned over the past year to help you get through the winter & these long homeschool days.

kitchen command center for kids homeschooling schedule ideas

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Create a Schedule (and post it for EVERYONE to see)

This may sound obvious, even a little silly but we can assure you if you don’t have a clear schedule posted for you & your kiddos to see, it will be impossible to feel like you’ve got a handle on the day. This works with kids of all ages; toddlers to teens (it may even help your hubby get into the groove and pitch in when he can). 

Create an hourly schedule on a chalkboard, a printable calendar, WHATEVER works for your family; write out each hour of the “school” / “work” day including lunch & free time so everyone in the house knows what’s going on all day, everyday. Try not to stress about every detail, but rather create a rough outline of how you want the day to go, this way there are no surprises & your kids will know what to expect each day. 

Some of our favorite scheduling tools & How-Tos; Pocket Chart, Chalkboard Chart, How To Create A Schedule

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Set A Designated Learning Area 

It’s no surprise being home comes with a million distractions; from TV to toys to “what’s mom doing over there?”, to the laundry piling up on the floor. We’ve found that creating a designated “work” space for both you and the kids, helps reduce the distraction & avoid confusion - it also keeps their schoolwork material(s) in one place, less likely to get lost when their teacher calls on them via Zoom!. Some homes are bigger than others so don’t worry, it’s just a nook somewhere with a desk. No one is judging, we’re ALL in this together!

Some of our favorite ways to create a “designated space; rolling cart organizer, inspirational study stations, closet turned “office”

kids cooking in the kitchen

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Think outside the box when it comes to learning

Every adult knows half the things you “learn” in school are NOT applied to real life, so why not take this opportunity to spin schoolwork into applied learning. This sounds WAY harder than it actually is; think science (cooking) or math (baking), writing letters or emails to friends & family (english, grammar, vocabulary), laundry (color separation, great for toddlers), the list goes on - use the tools you have at home and put those kids to work. 

Fun-learning resources; DIY science experiments at home

redefine what success looks like for you & your family

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Redefine what SUCCESS looks like.

In the past you may have quantified your child's school success based on grades, but if this past year has taught us anything, it’s that, yes grades are important BUT they aren’t EVERYTHING! Not all kids are the same, they don’t learn the same & some are having a harder time than others when it comes to “remote learning”. Remember, that’s OKAY! Your kid isn’t failing because they don’t understand everything the teacher is saying over a screen via Zoom!. It’s not fair to them or to you as a mom to believe those lies! 

Instead we need to be challenging ourselves to redefine what success looks like (for both them and us). Success may be getting through the day without a tantrum, or finishing that book they started back in September. Only you as a mom know what success is for YOUR child and it’s okay if they are “failing” because right not the system is FAILING them!

Redefining success: What Success Looks Like

coffee break, take a break from work
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Give yourself a BREAK

This is not the time to be a perfectionist or be hard on yourself or the kids. Everyone is doing their best & trying to make the necessary changes in order to get through an unprecedented time. Try to remember to give yourself a break & not add any extra pressure on yourself. 

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