Meet our Makers: Genelle Holub of Face It

Face It

We are thrilled to be partnering with a local Oregon maker who is making women feel beautiful inside and out. You can find Genelle's eye gelly in our boutique and are able to easily add it to a Dreamy Mama gift box. Every woman loves a good under-eye treatment! And this one is awesome, just like the female women behind the brand at Face It. 

Tell us a little about your company & journey to making it happen.

Face It isn't about fillers or toxic cheap ingredients, but authentic clean beauty products all made in the USA with the majority in Oregon!

I got tired of the big brands taking advantage of the pros and the consumer, so I did something about it, so the dollar goes into the ingredients and not the packaging that goes in the garbage. 

Why is this mission important to you?

We want women to not only be empowered but to know it when looking in the mirror, speaking to someone and to feel the empowerment of being who she is! 

What is your “superpower"?

Being healthy, happy & sparkly wherever I go.

We're redefining what it means to be a "mama." Some mamas are traditional mothers; others are unbelievable foster & adoptive moms, devoted caregivers, selfless grandmothers, badass sisters, loving wives, or your very best friend. What does "mama" mean to you?

The Face It mamas are all mamas!  We're the good, the bad but also the confident!

What change do you hope to see in the world through your business/ product/idea?

We hope to educate women on what clean beauty truly is without the hype and deliver true honesty about what they are purchasing.

eye jelly from Face it

Any advice to the next generation of #SuperheroMamas?

For the next generation we say, "yes you can, never give up & you rock no matter what!"  "Trust us, there is a way!”

If you could be any #superhero, who would it be & why?

If I could be any superhero, it would be WONDER WOMAN! 

I speak for myself and Arianna and Desi (Faceologist for Face It) because it's a WONDER how we do it all but we do!  And we do it alone, together as a team from home and from afar.  We too have this....   

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