Meet our Makers: Kelly with WorldFinds


Kelly Weinberger is the Founder of WorldFinds, a company on a mission to empower women through fair trade. Their jewelry and accessories create work for over 700 artisans in vulnerable communities in India. These thoughtful designs and sustainable practices bring change to the lives of the artisans, providing a bright future for their children, and strengthening their communities. We are happy to offer WorldFinds bracelets at Superhero Mamas. 

Q: Tell us a little about your company & journey to making it happen.

A: WorldFinds is a social impact business that helps get fair trade work to women in communities in need in India. I had the idea in the midst of a year+ backpacking trip back in 1999. After spending time in many countries throughout Asia I thought this would be an area I could contribute and make a difference.

Q: Why is this mission important to you?

A: Fair Trade is truly the answer to so many issues hurting our world, it was true when I started and even more true now. The small batch, slow fashion approach is kinder to the planet and beneficial toward the makers, especially as we use a lot of upcycled and repurposed materials so we're not extracting anything from the earth but reimagining things already in existence.

Q: What is your "superpower"?

A: It can vary daily! Sometimes it's as simple as a unique perspective, other days it's catching things others don't see. Staying calm in the midst of crisis and always seeking a solution versus getting wrapped up in a tangle of problems!

Q: We're redefining what it means to be a "mama." Some mamas are traditional mothers; others are unbelievable foster & adoptive moms, devoted caregivers, selfless grandmothers, badass sisters, loving wives, or your very best friend. What does "mama" mean to you?

A: A mama can absolutely be anyone who is caring for things or people or even a cause. I have two teenagers so of course I think of myself as mama to them but WorldFinds was technically my first baby, so that's up there too! 

Q: What change do you hope to see in the world through your business/ product/idea?

A: From the beginning it's been to create the opportunity for empowerment and strength for women. Dignified work around the fair trade principles has helped create so much positive change in the communities that we partner with. Each year - non-pandemic of course! - we spend time working with our artisans and the changes become really apparent over time. The daughters of the artisans are not just going to school but enrolling in college. It's amazing to have the combination of strong women artisan partners and a strong team of women here in the US.

Q: Any advice to the next generation of #SuperheroMamas?
A: Believe in yourself, be brave and get it done!
Q: If you could be any #superhero, who would it be & why?
A: I'm going to go with Wonder Woman since that's who I'd be when playing superheroes with my cousins growing up! It helped that I had dark hair and was the oldest girl cousin. :) As for why - she had the power! Any strong female part with special powers, and an invisible jet, was great to get to be. 

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