Meet our Makers: Jamah Dacus with ModestMix Tea

jamah dacus

We are so happy to introduce you to one of our fearless makers, Jamah Dacus, founder and maker at ModestMix Teas. Her teas are a favorite of the Superhero Mamas league of empowering women - with sales to match (we suspect even those who don't cuss themselves appreciate her fun use of appropriately-placed words of impact). She is daring and bold - not afraid to drop a few f-bombs right on her products - and we love her for it! Enjoy getting to know Jamah by reading below. (And remember to pick up a tea straw for yourself here - it is a game changer! Thank you Jamah for introducing us to this amazing product!)

modestmix teas

Q: Tell us a little about your company & journey to making it happen. -
A: I started ModestMix Teas in 2014, with the mission to spread empowerment, joy and high quality teas to the world. I use only the highest grade organic and fair trade ingredients in all of my tea blends. The names of my blends are very cheeky and fun, Badass Babe, You're F*cking Awesome and Chai F*cking Harder to name a few. I'm well aware that my ModestMix brand is not for everyone, or every store shelf. With that being said, there is a huge market for people that are fun, who don't really give a f*ck, but still want high quality tea. I have been in the health and wellness world for over 20 years, so first and foremost quality is #1 and laughter truly makes the world a better place. With that, ModestMix was born.

Q: Why is this mission important to you?
A; I love spreading healthy vibes and belly laughs; my company does both. I beam with delight every time someone reaches out and shares how my teas have helped them or a loved one.

Q; What is your "superpower"?
A: My superpower is making people smile and feel loved. I got it from my mama.

Q: We're redefining what it means to be a "mama." Some mamas are traditional mothers; others are unbelievable foster & adoptive moms, devoted caregivers, selfless grandmothers, badass sisters, loving wives, or your very best friend. What does "mama" mean to you?
A: Mama means love and compassion to me, being the shoulder for others, being the pillar of strength when those around us need it. A true mama lifts up every woman around her, without judgement or jealousy. Together, us mamas make this world a beautiful place.

Q: What change do you hope to see in the world through your business/product/idea?
A: To break down the walls of what is deemed acceptable, to loosen the tight knots and allow us all to just relax and have fun.

Q: Any advice to the next generation of #SuperheroMamas?
A: Don't be afraid to fail, don't wait to launch, whatever it is you're wanting to do, it will never be perfect and you will learn as you go. Failure is a blessing, and teaches us so much.

Q: If you could be any #superhero, who would it be & why?
A: I would be able to wave my magic wand and heal the suffering in the world. I'm not sure if there is an actual superhero who has this power, but if there is, that is who I would want to be.

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