Meet our Makers: Karen Mosholder of Bumbleberry Farms

karen of bumbleberry farms

We couldn’t “bee” more thrilled to help “Spread a Little Sweetness” with Bumbleberry Farms owner Karen Mosholder. Located in rural Pennsylvania, Karen is paying kindness forward with what started out as a backyard business with two small bee colonies and grew to a company of women who combine their efforts to make sweet things happen. You can find Karen’s Avocado Blossom and other honey jars in our boutique or create your own Mama gift box with honey sweet treats. 


Tell us a little about your company & journey to making it happen.

I started my honey business a decade ago with two honeybee colonies and a brain full of ideas centered around “Spread a Little Sweetness.”  I loved the double entendre behind the motto—spreading sweetness with honey and sharing sweetness or kindness with others.  

Why is this mission important to you?

I believe in “The Power of Small.”  A single honeybee will only gather enough nectar in her lifetime to make 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey. Imagine that!  Combine her small contribution with 60,000 honeybees in her colony, some pretty monumentally sweet things can happen.

What is your “superpower”?

Like the honeybees, single acts of sweetness, when gathered together with other kind gestures, can transform the world—that’s the Power of Small.

honey straws

We're redefining what it means to be a "mama." Some mamas are traditional mothers; others are unbelievable foster & adoptive moms, devoted caregivers, selfless grandmothers, badass sisters, loving wives, or your very best friend. What does "mama" mean to you?

I was raised by an independent mother who saw the goodness in every human and the beauty in every wispy cloud. From her lead, I embraced the notion of Earth Mother…I have the responsibility to tend to my sisters and brothers as fervently as I tend to the sunflower fields surrounding our apiary. 

What change do you hope to see in the world through your business/ product/idea?

When I started the business, I simply wanted to make people smile. I still get a kick out of seeing someone’s eyes widen in surprise when they taste a spoonful of my Cinnamon Stick Honey Cream Spread. It’s that desire to connect with just one person at a time—the Power of Small—that can change the world.

Any advice to the next generation of #SuperheroMamas?

Dream big, think “Small"—ask yourself what you can do—right this moment—to make your space a better place.  

If you could be any #superhero, who would it be & why?

I often dream I can fly. So if I had to choose a superhero, she’d have wings…like a honeybee!

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