Meet Our Makers: Kate Walter of Fireside Finch

kate Walter of Fireside Finch which upcycles old christmas trees into ornaments.

fireside finch, cowl scarf

For our final ‘Meet Our Makers’ series of 2020, we are very excited to highlight a local Oregon shop, Fireside Finch. Kate Walter started her small business crafting upcycled ornaments out of old Christmas trees and then added her love of knitting with her cowl scarves. She handcrafts each piece in Oregon, which all have a little nod to the incredible Pacific Northwest. From birds to fictional creatures to the state you live in, Kate is busy crafting these delightful wooden keepsake ornaments for you with love!

Read more about Kate & Fireside Finch, plus some great advice to our next generation of Little Mamas!


Q: Tell us a little about your company & journey to making it happen.

A: My company, Fireside Finch, is a labor of love inspired by my crafty grandmother and provides an important avenue to foster my creativity and release stress from my day-to-day job in labor relations. My grandmother loved spoiling her grandchildren around the holidays and making it a cozy time of year with her handmade goods. I love the smell and feel of Christmas trees, and upcycling old Christmas trees into these ornaments brings a bit of the holidays into every day for me. I also love creating items inspired by nature, especially birds, and some fanciful creations (like bigfoot and unicorns).


Q: Why is this mission important to you?

A: I think everyone needs a creative outlet, and if you can find a way to share your hobby with the world, then go for it! I also love creating gifts that can help to connect people and connect people with the planet. I avoid any sort of chemicals in my ornaments--they are simply raw wood--and I hope this reminds people of the beauty of nature.


Q: What is your "superpower"?

A: I think connecting and engaging with people is really important. I think this ability makes me good at what I do in my day job, but also in my company, where I love to make the perfect gift for someone. 


Q: What does "mama" mean to you?

A: I am so inspired by all of the mamas out there who work to keep a career while raising strong, caring, confident children. I think beyond the obvious, mama also means mentorship. I would not be where I am without the love and support of other people who have sheltered me, taught me, and helped me fledge from the nest to watch me soar. 


Q: What change do you hope to see in the world through your business/ product/idea?

A: I would like to inspire others to find beauty and opportunity in the everyday and to find outlets for creativity. I also hope my ornaments and cowls make people feel cozy and loved. 

Q: Any advice to the next generation of #SuperheroMamas?

A: Don't listen to the naysayers. You do you. There is only one you, and you have a lot of responsibility to do you, but you have to do what you love and fully embrace yourself in the process.

Q: If you could be any #superhero, who would it be & why?

A: Aside from Wonder Woman, I'm not that up on my superheroes, so I'm going to take this question in a slightly different direction. If I could have one superhero power it would be to understand everyone in whatever language they speak. So much of what I do in my day job deals with miscommunication that having that power would be incredible! I also think understanding where people are coming from can help you be a badass superhero mama in work and life and everything in between.

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