Meet our Makers: Nikki Smith

Nikki Smith Jewelry

Nikki Smith is the founder and creator of Nikki Smith Designs. We love the empowering way her simple and gorgeous jewelry feels, especially the lightning bolts! We also love the way she is raising her sons to be male advocates. Check out more on this inspiring mama below.

Tell us a little about your company & journey to making it happen. 
In 2014 I fell in love with designing and hand-making jewelry I could easily layer and mix to wear to my corporate buying job. Women wanted the jewelry looks, and a brand was born! I began selling at festivals and pop up shops, and now we have a store in Dallas and make jewelry for over 500 stores across the country! Each piece is designed and crafted using quality materials, and is intentionally created to look stunning alone or layered. 

Why is this mission important to you?
My favorite part about the job is creating an amazing work culture where everyone loves their job, loves coming to work, and we all feel like a little family! I love the people that surround me everyday and making our customers feel powerful and put together by adding the finishing touch to any outfit - accessories! 

What is your "superpower"?
Hands down, being a mom! I have a 3 month old and 2 year old- running a business with kids is more challenging than I ever could have imagined. You want to do it all, but I've learned I have to be present with whatever is in front of me at the moment and other things will get done, but sometimes they have to wait - and that's ok!

We're redefining what it means to be a "mama." Some mamas are traditional mothers; others are unbelievable foster & adoptive moms, devoted caregivers, selfless grandmothers, badass sisters, loving wives, or your very best friend. What does "mama" mean to you?
Being a mama means taking care of the people around you. Not just my two young sons, but being a role model for my employees is important to me. Moms do so much, I really can't put into words what owning a business has been like while raising babies.. Its been quite the experience to say the least!

What change do you hope to see in the world through your business/ product/idea?
I like to spread positive energy and good vibes! We spend so much time working. It's important to me that everyone loves what they do and continues to grow both personally and professionally. I love learning about my employees hobbies and families, it makes us so close! I also love to help customers feel good about themselves. There's something empowering about accessorizing. It makes you feel put together and unique, and I truly love that!  

Any advice to the next generation of #SuperheroMamas?
Yes! Be present in whatever task is at hand, and don't feel bad about it. It has taken me time to learn that I don't need to feel guilty when I'm working on my business. And I don't need to feel guilty when I'm at the park with my boys instead of working on the business. That has been super challenging for me, and is something I'm still working on everyday.

If you could be any #superhero, who would it be & why?
Honestly the term superhero has changed so much in my mind once I had kids.  Prior to them, I would think of a man in a cape. Now, to me a superhero is a caretaker of any kind. You are selflessly making a difference in someone's life that truly needs you and that's incredible, and not easy. I feel like a superhero everyday I take care of my boys and I wouldn't change it for the world! 

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