The Mama Edit: Tips + Tricks for a Better Night Sleep

Ah, sleep... the dream dreams are made of! Have you ever had a dream where you were getting a sound, restful night sleep only to wake up to kids poking your face and requesting a bowl of cereal? Yeah, us too! 

6 tips for a better night sleep

So, we’ve decided to put some sleep tips to the test & have found six evening rituals, along with some fantastic products that actually HELPED us get to sleep faster & wake up feeling (a little) more rested. 

no screens before bed

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Shut down those screens. As tempting as it is to bring your phone into bed with you & mindlessly scroll or read for “just a few minutes,” we challenge you to drop that habit & start your nighttime routine without your device. It’s pretty well known the blue lights on our screens are totally messing with our sleep cycles. Some suggest Blue Light Glasses, which many say help, but we prefer the old fashion method of just putting our screens away. Try this, set your alarm (if needed), and plug your phone in & away 1 hour before bed. Then start your wind-down routine and see if you feel the difference. 

*For those who sleep with the TV on, we challenge you to try shutting it down for 1 week & note any differences in your sleep. 

bath for women. mom. relaxing bath

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Draw a bath, drop a bomb & take a deep breath. Grab your favorite bath bomb and fill up that tub. We prefer something with a soothing scent like lavender or peppermint to promote relaxation. Double down with your last glass of wine or your sleepy-time tea, and just take a few minutes to think of nothing but yourself. 

Our favorite bath accessories: Humble Organics Bath Bomb Flight, Wooden Bath Caddy, Victoria's Lavender Bubble Bath

women holding a cup of tea. tea time before bed helps promote better sleep

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Sleepy-time tea. Once your phone is away & the TV is off, make yourself a soothing cup of tea. Curl up in your favorite chair or couch and just enjoy a warming cup of herbal tea. Feeling bored by the thought of that? Grab a book, a magazine, a pen to write down some thoughts, ideas, or things that bothered you earlier that day. Anything to help bring your stress level down for 10 or 15 mins.

Our favorite tea: Rabbits Pantry Anxietea, Lit Rituals Happy Lungs Bumbleberry Farms Pure Honey

skin care routine

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Skin-care. After that soothing bath, take the time to give yourself some extra love. From body lotion to a face mask, it’s a little something that will help create the calm you need just before bed. Using body lotions with a relaxing scent is a bonus to help you slip further into a restful night. Anything you can do to promote a spa-like sensation will only benefit you. 

Our favorite skin-care products: Victoria's Lavender Body Lotion, Heatable Booties, Lavender Essential Oil Roll-On

journaling before bed to help with a better night sleep

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Journal. We’ve mentioned this one before and will repeat it again; journaling is such a great way to release some of your anxieties that have built-up during the days. Getting your thoughts on paper has a way of clearing your mind & stop all that racing. Before bed is the best time to do that and will ABSOLUTELY help make going to sleep just a touch easier. Journaling is also a great way to jot down goals, ideas, or things you have to do the following day to stop the disquiet before it’s time to close those eyes. 

Our favorite journals: Superhero Mamas Journal, The Five-Minute Journal

eye masks can help promote a better nights sleep

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Eye Mask. Lastly, try an eye mask & a silky pillow. An eye mask has lots of benefits. Obviously, it reduces light and promotes sleep, but it also helps fight anti-aging and increases moisture around the eyes (think crows-feet). After you’ve applied your luscious eye cream, putting on the face mask for sleep helps lock it in for maximum benefits. The silky pillowcase helps the rest of your skin (on your face) & your hair from damage. You don’t need to get anything fancy, just something you like and feels good against your skin.

Our favorite eye masks & pillowcases: Zoe Ayla Sleep Set, Zoe Ayla Eye Mask & Pillowcase

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