Women Empowering Women: What does “mama” mean to you?

What does Mama Mean to you? Send her a gift box this holiday season

Mama is one of those words that evokes so many meanings, sayings, or emotions within us. From slang terms like “Mamacita” to a sweet babies’ first words of “MA MA,”; this word is so much more than what rolls off the tongue. 

Here at Superhero Mamas, we like to think of a “mama” as an empowered, inspired & courageous woman. Being a mama no longer means you have children; it can also mean you are a leader, a powerhouse, a confident woman who knows her worth & stands up for the values that are most important. The stigma of a woman having to be a mother is so antiquated. Let's continue to teach & inspire young girls that women are free to make their own choices; and it's those choices that give real happiness. From becoming a super #bossbabe to being a badass aunt to selflessly fostering or adopting a child (or pup!) in need - there are so many wonderful mamas out there; it gives us inspiration & hope that the future generation with kickass at this thing called life. 

We’re on a mission to lift & empower women & local women-owned businesses that create an impact within their communities. By showcasing these artisans in our boutique, both women & men can support their business and send thoughtful, empowering & rejuvenating gifts to a Superhero Mama in their life. 

As we work on building our community & highlighting all the kickass mamas, we are challenging ourselves & you to redefine what it means to be a "mama", head to our social pages to see some fun-loving videos of family & friends who answered the question, "What does Mama mean to you?"



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