Our Origin Story

We are
Driven by Empowering Women

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We love to empower women and women who empower. Superhero Mamas, LLC is a registered benefit company in Oregon, a subsidiary of Virtue Galinat Ventures, Inc and a 100% woman-owned business. The brand and online storefront was founded in 2020 on the premise that when women are empowered, all thrive.

Inspiration to recognize, celebrate and provide a platform to empower women in their adVentures came from all the women challenged in new ways during the pandemic and lockdown*.

Giving our daughters a more empowering world for their dreams to come true is our primary mission. Our storefront for women creators to sell their empowering and rejuvenating goods is one way we boost the movement of women supporting women.

*For more information on how the pandemic has affected women so far in their careers, check out these articles by The Oregonian and Forbes.


LOGO origin story

The logo of Superhero Mamas has two subtle hearts, interwoven. The “M” caresses and surrounds the bottom of the “S”, illustrating a woman’s heart protecting another’s. The S and the wings tell the story of when women are empowered, they soar.

Superhero Mamas Logo

Women are badasses at home and at work. The data* shows that when they are decision-makers, organizations and profits are stronger for it. However, we still do not have access to professional support and resources at the same capacity as men do. I believe in people and love to dream big. In particular, when it comes to showing up each day in a fierce way and getting shit done, I believe in women. My favorite past time is to indulge with women in their dreams and help them realize them. That, along with my daughter and kick-ass female superheroes, was my inspiration for starting Superhero Mamas. Women empowering women begins at home. Let’s be the example for our daughters. Join me in celebrating and thanking all the Superhero Mamas out there who are inspiring and raising the next generation of superheroes.
— Lisa Virtue, Founder

*Click here for a recent study conducted by WerkLabs on moms in the workplace.

 Check out more on Founder Lisa's career coaching at: lisavirtuecoaching.com

Addy in heels

👠The Story of the HEELS 👠

Which stories and characters inspire you? I have been inspired over the past few years with badass Hollywood female superheroes such as Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman. Every time I watch one of these films, I am energized to kick life’s ass and stand up for my values.💥⚡️I am a big believer in the power of inspiring stories to raise us up, even if for a moment. And I believe girls need more inspiring female characters to look up to; that is why we highlight superhero mamas each week @superheromamas.tm on Facebook and Instagram.

👨‍👧When my husband and daughter gave me these superhero high heels one year ago, I had no idea the extent their inspiration would take me in 2020. You see they didn’t actually get to “take” me, well, really anywhere (sigh...all those date nights that never happened). BUT, they did “take” me everywhere.

👠 Their symbolism provided inspiration that led me to empower myself and pursue my passions of helping others: I bravely left a job during a pandemic, became my daughter’s teacher, took in my mama who needed a home, created Superhero Mamas, applied for my first Trademark, wrote a children’s book of female empowerment due to be released this Spring, and obtained my career coach certification. 💥

Sometimes a gift can inspire us to great heights.

So, what stories and gifts inspire you?

-Lisa 💋 xo

superhero high heels