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Alpaca Headband - Highland - Turquoise


Alpaca Headband - Highland - Turquoise

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A twist, literally, on your favorite blue-green color, this Turquoise Alpaca Headband with a front twist will make accessorizing extra fun, no matter the weather. Keep those ears warm and bad hair days in check with this chic accessory that will complement your cold weather outfits –from denim looks to bolder outfit choices that mix colors and patterns. Giving your head a warm snuggle is its amazing alpaca fiber. Soft, warm, and lightweight, you’ll stay comfy all day (or night). Celebrating your favorite blue-green hue, this Turquoise Alpaca Headband with a front twist will surely add a fun flair to your cold weather outfits. Not only chic, this accessory is super functional too, thanks to the warm, soft, lightweight, and durable texture of Alpaca. Material: 50% Alpaca / 50% Highland Wool One Size