Career Mama - COVID Edition Children's e-book

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Career Mama - COVID Edition Children's e-book

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Women empowering women begins at home. The Career Mama children's book series is beautifully illustrated, fun gratitude books for moms, celebrating the extraordinary women who are inspiring and raising the next generation of superheroes. Each story is told through the daughter's eyes and experience; reminding mamas how much their example empowers their daughters to pursue their dreams and passions. 

The first in the series: Career Mama - COVID edition, is a limited edition hardback children's book, created to acknowledge the amazing work mamas do at home and in their careers, and the sacrifices they made during the lockdown of COVID-19.

A great book for early readers to read to their mamas.

Published by Superhero Mamas, LLC

Written by Superhero Mamas founder, Lisa Virtue

Inspired by all the superhero mamas making this world a better place.